while large areas of bright colors tend to appear pompous

while large areas of bright colors tend to appear pompous. Therefore, whether it is a large area of bright color or a large area of dark color, we need to pay more attention to the proportion of exposed skin. Proper skin exposure can increase the lightness and enhance the beauty of high fashion, modern and foreign.For example, the tight skirt with knee boots is a very fashionable and fashionable combination. Sleeveless design adds a sense of lightness. If it is a sleeveless design, it will make people feel dull. When we wear loose solid color clothes, it is easy to have a sense of laziness, and it also widens the proportion of the body horizontally, making the whole person’s body more muscular. At this time, if it is matched with a cross body backpack, you can better optimize your figure, and use the diagonal ratio to create a more fashionable atmosphere