important to treat costume specific situation

more important to treat costume specific situation in a specific way. In hot summer, all kinds of vests are also very popular with girls costume. It is a very cool way to match a floral skirt with a short vest. In addition, shorts and vests can also raise the waist line of a beautiful woman, making the overall height much higher. If you are a bold and confident beauty, you can also change the short vest into a bra that can be worn out. It is cool, sexy costume and has a high turning back rate,When it comes to the stripe element, I think we are not unfamiliar. As an element that gives consideration to fashion and retro fashion, stripes have been widely used in various categories of design schemes. Until now, they are still popular with women, such as striped shirts, striped T-shirts, striped costume or striped costume.Elegant women will understand the beauty of stripes. If you only wear a long sleeve dress in summer,